Saturday, April 07, 2012

How to Make Invisible Folder

How to make invisible folder. Well, just in cast to light hide something like your cat picture, porn video or whatever. See step below;

1. Go to your desktop, right click > New > Shortcut.

2. Click Browse..

3. Choose folder you want to make shortcut/hide it on desktop. After that click OK.

4. Click Next

5. Delete the name suggestion.

6. Press and hold "Alt" key and press 255. After that click Finish.

7. Folder with invisible name should appear on your desktop like below;

8. Right Click on that folder and click Properties.

9. On Shortcut tab, click Change Icon...

10. Search for invisible/transparent icon. Click OK.

11. Click Apply and then Click OK.

12. Now you have invisible shortcut/folder on your desktop.

13. You also can make invisible folder anywhere inside your computer. It it really there??

14. Yup, its there~

15. Thank you for reading. Mariska Hargitay~



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