Sunday, December 14, 2014

Basic Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) Battery Handling

Li-Po Battery
I have been using Lithium Polymer a lot lately since I found new hobby, playing helicopter. They actually Lithium Hybrid Polymer, because if you open it, got a little liquid inside and they are not fully dry cell.

In the begining, a lot of my Li-Po battery expand like balloon. Quite frustrated. After looking here and there on the internet, I be able to extent my Li-Po battery life : ) . Knowledge is money... So, here I just want to share a few tips how to take care of your Li-Po battery. I hope it benefits you.

Basic Lithium Polimer (Li-Po) Battery Handling

1. Never overcharged a Li-Po Battery.
    Voltage when fully charge for 1 cell Li-Po is 4.2V, empty is 3.7V.
    If you have 2S Li-Po = 2 cell, empty is 7.4V (3.7Vx2), fully charged is 8.4V
    If you have 3S Li-Po = 3 cell, empty is 11.1V (3.7x3), fully charged is 12.6V
    Same calculation for 4S, 5S, and so on...

2. Avoid using battery until below 20% of its capacity. That is approximately 3.8V.

3. Do no store in hot enviroment. Store in shaded dry cool place.

4. Avoid store Li-Po battery fully charged.
    Store Li-Po in 50% charged if you not using them for more than 1-2 week

5. Stored Li-Po battery can discharged itself, make sure you check
    them at least once a week to avoid power drained below 3.7V

6. Do not punch hole to Li-Po battery.

Never charging untended. Put battery on fire proof material away
    from other easy to burn material. Better using Li-Po Guard Bag.

8. Avoid drop a Li-Po battery on hard surface.

9. If you want to throw a way ballooned/damaged Li-Po, fully drain its
    power by hook-up to light bulb and wait until light go off and throw away.

That all that I think important to take care of your Li-Po batteries. If you think I miss out somehing, fell free to comment below. Thank you for visiting my blog : )



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